Luc Van der Biest from Belgium

In November / December 2014 I spent about three weeks in Ethiopia , with my guide Mohammed Adam. I am an amateur photographer from Belgium with quite some travel experience (I do two to three “large” trips per year) and especially interested in wildlife and birds. The tour we did together (only the two of us) was focused on wildlife, with some intermezzos for history (Lalibela) and the tribes in the lower Omo valley.
Overall, I enjoyed the trip very much and got excellent photos from the trip. A small selection can be found on my website where Ethiopia is one of the best countries I documented. I spent almost three entire weeks together with Mohammed, and if you virtually are together all day for about three weeks, you get to know each other pretty well. Mohammed is an excellent guide, with a lot of experience. However, this can be said from quite some guides. But Mohammed excels in customer orientation, he will always go the extra mile to show you and let you experience what you are really after.I would recommend Mohammed if you are looking for an experienced guide in Ethiopia , who goes the extra mile for you , and is a very pleasant company throughout your stay. You will be able to “experience” Ethiopia in a way few tourists will have the opportunity to develop a thorough understanding of culture and the daily way of living of the Ethiopians.

Amber Taylor from Toronto Canada

Mohammed has played a key role in the success of our family’s trips to Ethiopia. Mohammed has been our tour guide, driver, translator, and cultural liaison since we started visiting Ethiopia in 2008. He is reliable, highly trustworthy, and a great person to spend time with. My children always look forward to seeing Mohammed and consider him to be an integral part of our trips.

My husband is a cautious traveler, and I am more of an adventurous one.  Mohammed expertly accommodates both our needs and wishes.

Mohammed’s ability to bridge cultural gaps has allowed us to establish and maintain vital relationships with loved ones in Ethiopia. We always learn so much from him. I cannot recommend Mohammed Adem highly enough. He is a kind, compassionate, and joyful individual. I trust him completely, and cannot imagine a trip to Ethiopia without him.

John and Danny Cooke from England

We visited Ethiopia in 2011 and Mohammed Adem was our guide/driver for a two week tour.

Mohammed had a four wheel drive car and picked us up in Addis Ababa. We visited many historical and geographical sites and nature parks, close encounters with monkeys, baboons, crocodiles and amazing variety of bird life.

We stopped overnight in hotels chosen for us. The hotels and meals were of a good standard throughout and some of them were of 4 star standard. During our visit Mohammed showed much concern for us and responded to all requests in a quiet and efficient manner. We felt perfectly relaxed throughout even though it was our first visit to Ethiopia.  All in all we covered around 1200 miles taking in all the sites of North and Central Ethiopia, including border areas near Eritrea.

Mohammed had very good English and was able to act as interpreter when we were in contact with local guides. He became our friend and we have kept in contact.

We thoroughly recommend Mohammed for any trip you may be contemplating to the wonderful and very historic country of Ethiopia.

Sylwia Wallis-Korzeniowska from Poland

I am writing this recommendation a couple of weeks after my return from Ethiopia where I spent three weeks traveling both in the north and in the south of the country. Ethiopia is full of surprises, and they are all positive experiences: incredible history and cultural heritage, awesome landscapes, varied wildlife, and last but not least friendly people.

Mohammed made all these elements approachable and easier to understand. His English is of very high quality, which facilitates communication and provides proper insight into all aspects of Ethiopian life and culture.

His very responsible conduct and reliability give you the feeling of security, which is so important when traveling in a strange land. Thanks to him, we never had any doubts about our safety, and Ethiopia turned out to be a perfectly safe place to visit.

Mohammed has this kind of positive energy and natural joy that are infectious and you cannot help but enjoy every minute spent exploring his „Awesome Ethiopia”.